Raunstadt is the current musical incarnation of multi instrumentalist and multi media artist Brian Thomson. Originaly from Glasgow, Scotland now based on the Isle of Man, Thomson has been making music since 1988. Formaly guitarist, singer and songwriter with various bands around Glasgow, Thomson has now firmly established himself as an artist within many different genres of electronic music from ambient to techno.

CONTACT: raumstadt73@gmail.com


Twitter: www.twitter.com/Raumstadt1

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/brian-thomson-2

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/Raumstadt1





May 2016 - Kommunication EP (Mixmania Records)

1. Endodren

2. European Machanik

3. No Way Back


October 2016 - Robot/Machine (Space City Recordings)

1. Robot/MAchine (Deutsch)

2. Robot/Machine (English)


November 2016 - Modular Love (Space City Recordings)

1. Modular Love


December 2016 - C0DE73 (With KOLSHI) (Space City Recordings)

1. C0DE 73


April 2017 - People of Tokyo EP (Space City Recordings)

1. Tokyo Rain

2. Kashima Calling

3. Brothers and Sisters




2016 Krystle Love B - Apollo (Raumstadt Remix)

(18-09 Records)


2017 Jules Verne Theory - Apex Preditor (Raumstadt Remix)

(Ninethwave Records)


2017 Glasgow Beat Collective - Affaire de Coeur (Raumstadt Ambient Mix)

(Somany Music)


2017 Drew Miller & GMACK - STARRS (Raumstadt's One Too Many)

(Space City Rerecordings)


2018 Kolshi - Room 2-2 (Raumstadt Mix)

(Space City Recordings)